Fair Food Transformation Fund 

The word 'transform' has several definitions. Amongst these definitions, it can mean a marked change, alteration or modification in form or appearance. 

Here, at the CCG, we are applying this concept to our Fair Food Transformation Funded project - My Food. 

My Food will serve to create dialogue and  transition people away from frequenting food banks through weekly cooking demonstration classes whereby which we aim to educate individuals how to transform items in their cupboards to prepare healthy and affordable meals without breaking their budget.


In addition to this, we will also teach them how to make ingredients go further as we have found that often people tend to throw away extras they feel they cannot use.


We will send people away with recipe cards that contain directions and nutritional values as well as inserting recipe cards into the food parcels we distribute. 

Ultimately, this will address food poverty, inequality and promote food budgeting to create a healthy and sustainable community. 

Over the course of this project, we will keep you updated with with videos,, photographs and recipes of the delicious meals that are produced!