Expressive Arts Competition 2016/2017 - We got 1st place!!!

Voluntary Action Fund (VAF) recently ran a competition requesting applications from schools and community based organisations working with children aged 10 - 11 in Scotland.

VAF were asked on behalf of American Mothers to pilot a scheme for the first time outside the USA.

Using a variety of mediums, children were asked to explore the theme “What my mother* means to me...”

The term ‘Mother’ in this context was not gender specific and therefore could mean anyone that undertakes the role and espouses these values to the children – whether a teacher, an older brother/sister, parent, grandparent. Children could choose to work individually, in pairs or small groups to produce their chosen art.

The children could :

 Write a 500 word essay

 Make a short film

 Write a poem

 Use photography

 Produce artwork

The competition aimed to:

Raise awareness of the values associated with nurturing and building the capacity of humankind

Aligned to this we aim to:

 Celebrate diversity;

 Recognise societal values;

 Enable children to come together from a diversity of areas and backgrounds

We managed to secure first place winning £100 for our charity, along with £60 worth of WH Smith vouchers to divide up between the children and our very own first place certificate.

Have a look at our winning entry below!

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