CCG & Islamic Relief working together to help those in need

We are delighted to have once again opened our doors to those in need in partnership with Islamic Relief. We were able to prepare 500 parcels containing food and toiletries, whilst being conscious to the need of our diverse community with most products included being halal friendly and healthy. This large quantity of products was kindly delivered by Batley’s. Our distribution started on the 18/2/22, and we were able to give out over 100 parcels to members of our community in need and will continue to distribute these parcels in the next weeks. Other charities also benefitted as they received parcels to help with their causes and services users. We had a surprise visit from MP Chris Stephens and Roza Sahil, who has closely worked with CCG to help us put a stop to poverty in Scotland. It is known that we have a poverty crisis in Glasgow with roughly 40% of people in Glasgow live below the poverty line. We shall continue our hard work and do all we can to lower this number, and eventually end poverty in Glasgow.

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