Fight Poverty For The Sake Of The Families Of This City

Today we met with labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to discuss the growing Crisis of poverty and to look at how realistically tackle the growing issue.

In the South West of Glasgow the increase in usage of food banks is 4% higher than the UK Average. The Crookston Community Group has seen roughly a 25 % increase in people needing our help in the last 6 months alone.

The amount of people using Food Banks is at a record high and is expected to increase due to welfare & benefit cuts and economic fall out due to Brexit. The amount of people coming to us for help is sometimes 20/30 people a week!

Some of the biggest groups affected by poverty are children studies have shown that one third of the next generation of the south west of Glasgow are living in poverty and this is just "Unacceptable" said Jeremy Corbyn

Here are some of Jeremy Corbyns other thoughts on the matter

“I pay tribute to the volunteers and charities I have met today who are stepping in to support people who are suffering. "It is a disgrace that people are living on the street and forced to rely on Food Banks in one of the richest countries in the world"

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