There is clarity in charity.

Busy busy day for FoodShare volunteers at the Crookston Community Group. More families and people coming to take their share to help them out. If you would like to come to our charity and donate please come down.

Address - 56 Beltrees road, Crookston.

Tele - 0141 882 4333

Email -

Every year 380,000 tonnes of food and drink are thrown away which didn’t have to be – this costs the Scottish public over £1 billion every year.

Top five avoidable foods we waste;

  • Fruit juice – 13,000 tonnes per year

  • Homemade meals – 13,000 tonnes a year

  • Yoghurt and yoghurt drinks – 9,700 tonnes a year

  • Apples – 9,600 tonnes a year

  • Mixed vegetables – 7,700 tonnes a year

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