Helping feed our local Re-homing centre (",)

In partnership with The Scottish SPCA our volunteer Dan drop off some pet food donations from CCG (Crookston Community Group) yesterday. We not only help feed families but also pets and local animal shelters. Here’s some information about Scottish SPCA. Our animal rescue and re-homing centre in Glasgow found forever homes for almost 1,000 animals in 2018. Previously Cardonald Dog & Cat Home, the centre has served the city of Glasgow for decades and has the capability to offer refuge to an array of animals. It has: Over 100 kennels for dogs A cattery for cats and kittens 12 spaces for ferrets An exotics room Indoor and outdoor runs for 10 rabbits A room which can accommodate a variety of birds A pioneering sensory garden to provide a safe haven and stimulation for dogs A wildlife shed to hold wild animals in need of treatment until they can be transported to the National Wildlife Rescue Centre.

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