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Another Fantastic week at our Beltrees office!

CCG would like to thank everyone for their continued generosity and support this week

Our staff and volunteers as always have went above and beyond to continue helping our local community!

What a busy week we have had ;

  • Sorting the generous donations handed in to our Beltrees office

  • Pantry - Monday to Friday 12pm-2pm

  • Our foodshare on Wednesday

  • YAP's with our lovely Liz and Kirstine on Thursday

  • Our Friday afternoon surgery with Chris Stephens MP

  • Liz training our new volunteer Shay how to paint and them decorating our Beltrees office

CCG are looking forward to doing it all over again next week and the return of our favourite employee/manager Karen Neary who will be returning from her well deserved holiday on Monday - thanks to her training, preperation and management skills we have managed to get through another fantastic week!

As we come to the end of another week lets ask ourselves these 4 questions for self-reflection:

#1. How did you receive help this week?

You’re probably good at giving help. How did you receive it?

  1. I let myself be seen when I …

  2. I asked _________ for advice.

  3. I sought help for an issue from ________.

  4. I said yes when _________ offered help.

The people who rise the highest receive the most help.

#2. What’s one thing you did this week that you want to stop?

Your inner critic might give you a long list of stupid things you did. If you think of many things you need to stop, record only one.

#3. What three things are you thankful you did this week?

Feel free to record more than three, but if you can’t think of three your inner critic is sucking the life out of you.

Your brain might look for big things to be thankful you did. Don’t let the need for big things be the reason you don’t express gratitude.

#4. What’s one thing you want to do next week?

Do something new. Don’t simply add fuel to established patterns.

5 uncomfortable reflections:

  1. You burned the candle at both ends again.

  2. You hoped things would be better, but they dragged on.

  3. You wanted to break a painful pattern, but it still plagues you.

  4. You found reasons to postpone things that mattered and gave yourself to urgencies.

  5. You hid behind changing others when you should have worked on yourself.

Don’t dwell on the things you don’t like. Don’t ignore them either.

Self-awareness is necessary for growth. You see yourself before you develop yourself. This requires honest self-reflection.


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