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Jingle Bells

Yes, we know it is only September. And that it is bone meltingly hot outside. BUT, CCG starts Christmas prep now! With the cost of living crisis unfortunately in full swing demand for our support is rising daily and with the winter months and especially Christmas fast approaching, we know we need to be prepared. That's why we happy to say we have partnered with Glasgow Spirit of Christmas to do our best to ensure that no child in our community wakes up to no presents on Christmas morning.

We know times are hard but if you could, or your place of work could, your club could etc, please think of pledging a gift through this wonderful organisation at the Christmas portal and lets keep the magic alive, just a little bit longer. because I think we could all use a little magic about now.

The Christmas Portal will be accessible from 1st October 2023:-

#becausewecandoittogether #mutualpartnership #communityeffort

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