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Fair Food Transformation Interactive Workshop

Today we had a very interactive day at the CCG’s Food Transformation cooking session. While some schools were being used as polling stations we had a number of primary school children in to get involved. To kick things off firstly the children enjoyed a little talk on the Food Transformation project, learning all about food poverty and the choices some Foodbank users currently make. While Sajida prepared the fillings for some toasties the children spent some time making their own ideal menus of some of the meals they would like to learn how to be made. Next Sajida demonstrated a quick and easy way of how to make chicken and cheese salad toasties. A create-your-own station was set up for the kids to get hands-on; they picked all of their own ingredients while Sajida assembled the toasties. After toasting the children made their own little plates packed full of salad, toasties and crisps, accompanied by a refreshing glass of juice. The children loved the way everyone came together to enjoy a lovely meal.

What did you enjoy the most today?

“I enjoyed eating the food we made today and talking with all the rest of the children and the volunteers” – Aqsa, 9

“I enjoyed making my own menu and learning what other foods people were putting into their own menus” – Amina, 10

“I liked that we could make our own creation” – Erin, 10

“I enjoyed learning about the food transformation process and how we can use food better, I liked the talk because I found out new things I didn’t know about before” – Natasha, 11

“We enjoyed discovering a variety of different foods and how people use them, we liked how we can learn to make new and exciting food at home” – Nawal, 12; Malik, 9

“I liked the cheese and chicken toasties and crisps that we had, the juice was yummy” – Noorah, 5

What did you learn today?

“I learnt a lot of new things like how much people need food and all about food poverty. We learn what the foodbank does and how many people need them to be able to eat” – Amina, 10

“I learnt that people don’t know how to cook, they would rather make pot noodles than cook some food by mixing lots of different ingredients together. We also learned that we can make our own food budgets to make sure we spend wisely and on things that we actually need. I liked that I can save money and mix the ingredients nicely to make yummy food. It’s not nice that people choose convenience over healthy food.” – Raza, 11

“I learnt that people use foodbanks because food is too expensive and sometimes they don’t have enough money to eat, so food banks can give people the food to eat.” - Natasha, 11

“The food transformation taught me that I can use honey instead of sugar at home” – Aqsa, 9.

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